Kevin Wimer

Serial Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Philanthropist. Father.

Current Work

CMO, Founding Partner

CMO and founding partner of, a platform that provides esports fans with a trusted way to bet on matches. - Esports Betting

Partner / Founder and GG Group

Founding member and partner of both PMML Corp and GG Group. Both are involved with investments and owner operator roles within esports.


Gravity Spa, Dayton OH

My wife and I own and operate a spa which provides massage therapy as well as access to flotation tanks.

Gravity Spa

Real Estate Investment

I own and rent out a 10,000 sq ft office building as well as a 4-unit apartment building in Beavercreek, Ohio.

1905 Woods Dr Beavercreek OH 45432


In 2010, I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage run by a friend in Benin, West Africa. I immediately fell in love with the children. This is set me on a lifelong path of pursuing extreme wealth so that I pass it down charitably to others.

Tree of Life USA

Past Work

  • - Co-founder & partner. Exited in 2018.
  • - CEO. Transitioned to Rivalry in 2018.
  • - CEO. Closed down June 2017.
  • - CEO. Closed down June 2017.
  • Limo Ace - Owner. Limousine rental business. Sold in 2012.
  • Omni Online - Owner. Apartment rentals. Sold in 2012.
  • Legal Meds Online - Partner. Filled RX via CA. Sold in 2005.
  • - Owner. Video entertainment site. Sold in 2004.