Kevin Wimer

Serial Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Philanthropist. Father.

Current Work

CMO, Founding Partner

CMO and founding partner of, a platform that provides esports fans with a trusted way to bet on matches. - Esports Betting

Partner / Founder

Founding member and partner of PMML Corp, an investor and owner operator dedicated to esports.


Gravity Spa, Dayton OH

My wife and I own and operate a spa which provides massage therapy as well as access to flotation tanks.

Gravity Spa

Real Estate Investment

I own and rent out a 10,000 sq ft office building as well as a 4-unit apartment building in Beavercreek, Ohio.

1905 Woods Dr Beavercreek OH 45432


In 2010, I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage run by a friend in Benin, West Africa. I immediately fell in love with the children. This is set me on a lifelong path of pursuing extreme wealth so that I pass it down charitably to others.

Tree of Life USA

Past Work

  • - Co-founder & partner. Exited in 2018.
  • - CEO. Transitioned to Rivalry in 2018.
  • - CEO. Closed down June 2017.
  • - CEO. Closed down June 2017.
  • Limo Ace - Owner. Limousine rental business. Sold in 2012.
  • Omni Online - Owner. Apartment rentals. Sold in 2012.
  • Legal Meds Online - Partner. Filled RX via CA. Sold in 2005.
  • - Owner. Video entertainment site. Sold in 2004.